myfitter is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

1.2 Installation

The myFitter package uses the standard GNU build system and pkg-config to keep track of the various flags you need to link your own programs to myFitter. To install the package, unpack the tarball with

     tar -zxvf myfitter-x.y.tar.gz

(x.y being the version of the package). If you have root access on your system you can simply install the package with

     cd myfitter-x.y
     make install

This will put all the headers, library, documentation and pkg-config files in standard directories (usually /usr/local/include/myfitter, /usr/local/lib, /usr/local/share/info and /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig) where your compiler and other tools will automatically find them. You only need root access for the last command.

If you don't have the root password or don't want to install the package system-wide, you can run

     cd myfitter-x.y
     ./configure --prefix=myprefix
     make install

where myprefix is some directory you have write access to. This will put the headers in myprefix/include/myfitter, the library in myprefix/lib, the documentation in myprefix/share/info and the pkg-config file in myprefix/lib/pkgconfig. If you use pkg-config when compiling your own programs, you only have to make sure that pkg-config finds the file myFitter.pc in myprefix/lib/pkgconfig. You can do this by setting the environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH. In bash, simply call

     export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:myprefix/lib/pkgconfig

You may want to add this line to your ~/.bashrc.

If you want to be thorough, you can also run the unit tests for the package. To do this, simply call make check in the myFitter source directory. These tests involve a few numerical integrations and may take a couple of minutes, so feel free to grab a cup of coffee while they run. If anything goes wrong with the tests please let the authors know about it.

You can also generate the documentation in some formats other than .info files. Try running make html or make pdf in the myFitter source directory and then look at doc/myFitter.html or doc/myFitter.pdf.